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The $10 million Charles and Mimi Osborn Cancer Center opened on the Baptist Health Louisville campus in December, consolidating many cancer treatment services into one building.

Construction began in January 2013 and involved a 14,720-square-foot renovation on the fifth floor of the 4003 Medical Office Building and a 8,500-square-foot renovation and 7,000-square-foot addition on the first floor.

The center opened in December 2013 and is operating now.

“For several years, this is something that we wanted to do here at Baptist Health Louisville,” said Clint Kaho, Baptist Health Louisville vice president.

The center provides “a greater convenience for patients and a greater potential for growth within that service line,” he said.

Because of its significance, the project is the winner in the Best Medical Project category of Business First’s 2014 Commercial Real Estate Awards program.

The Stats

$25,000: The total amount pledged over five years by the CBC Group-Consulting in Blood Disorders & Cancer in support of a kitchen area in the Charles and Mimi Osborn Cancer Center’s infusion center where patients and caregivers can find snacks and beverages. The kitchen is completed and in use.

$6 million: A milestone fund-raising figure that the Baptist Health Foundation of Greater Louisville has nearly raised for the cancer center project. The goal is to raise it by the end of this year.

$2.5 million: The amount the Baptist Health Foundation expects to raise for the center over the next year.

Keeping practice going

This project included upgraded equipment and technology as well as expansion of the Baptist Health Louisville’s radiation therapy facility; relocation of the Cancer Resource Center for patient education and support; new space for multidisciplinary clinics, genetic counseling and cancer research; and improvements to exam rooms and the outpatient infusion center at the offices of CBC Group-Consulting in Blood Disorders & Cancer, the hospital’s medical oncology physicians.

The BasicsAddress: 4003 Kresge Way, Louisville, Ky. 40207

Cost: $10 million, includes the cost of construction, renovation, furnishings and equipment

Square feet: Fifth floor, 14,720-square-foot renovation; first floor, 8,500-square-foot renovation; and 7,000-square-foot addition

Primary lead developer: Baptist Health Louisville

Primary general contractor: LBM Construction Co. Inc.

Primary architect: Laughlin Millea Hillman Architecture LLC

Primary civil engineer: Heritage Engineering LLC

Primary financier: A large donation toward the renovations was made by Charles A. Osborn Jr. in memory of his wife, Mary Taylor “Mimi” Osborn, who passed away in 2010 at Baptist Health Louisville after a 10-year battle with breast cancer. The donation is the largest individual gift in Baptist Health Foundation of Greater Louisville’s history, though officials declined to release the amount. Charles A. Osborn Jr. was the main contributor to this project, and there were subsequent donations from others.

Primary design firm: Laughlin Millea Hillman Architecture